Lexi & Larett A Sleepy Creek Vineyard Summer Wedding

lexi jarett wedding 1368

Lexi & Jarett

A Sleepy Creek Vineyard Summer Wedding

lexi jarett wedding 1368

Lexi & Jarett’s love story reached its radiant peak on a warm Saturday, July 6, 2024, at their picturesque Sleepy Creek Vineyard Summer Wedding in Fairmount, IL. With the sun shining brightly and the sky painted in a vibrant blue, their summer wedding was a lively canvas of pinks, peaches, and blues that perfectly captured the essence of their colorful wedding day.

The day began with anticipation as Jarett prepared at their home, while Lexi and her bridesmaids enjoyed a laid-back morning in the guest suite above the winery on the property. Surrounded by laughter and excitement, Lexi got ready in a robe made from her mother’s wedding gown—a sentimental touch that added a layer of love to her preparations.

From heartfelt moments to personal touches, Lexi and Jarett’s wedding was a celebration filled with unforgettable highlights. Imagine confetti showering them as they joyfully walked down the aisle together. Lexi surprised everyone, including Jarett, with a spontaneous haircut during cocktail hour, adding an unexpected twist to their day. The touching presence of Lexi’s mentee from Big Brother Big Sister, who served as the flower girl and shared a special dance during the reception, added to the warmth of the occasion.

For dessert, guests enjoyed delicious bundt cakes, complementing the sweet tone of the celebration. Later in the evening, Lexi changed into Air Force Ones adorned with pearls and their wedding date—a stylish and personal choice that reflected her unique flair.

Jarett’s attire featured a pocket square adorned with a heartfelt note from Lexi—a testament to their deep bond and shared journey. Their first dance, set to Shania Twain’s “Forever and for Always,” was a magical moment under the summer sky, where their love and commitment shone brightly. Prior to exchanging vows, Lexi and Jarett shared intimate moments by the tranquil pond, seated in Adirondack chairs—a serene prelude to their heartfelt ceremony.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of vendors worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life. Lindsey Lane Bridal Cottage provided the stunning dress that made Lexi glow with joy. Flowers by Kristine adorned the venue with arrangements that perfectly complemented the summer palette. Complete Wedding & Events captured every cherished moment on film, ensuring that the memories would last a lifetime.

Kenzie Kerans, their wedding planner, and coordinator orchestrated the day seamlessly, allowing Lexi and Jarett to focus on each other and their guests. Seth King, the DJ, kept the dance floor alive with music that resonated with their love story, while Pauly’s BBQ provided a feast that satisfied every guest’s palate.

The atmosphere at Sleepy Creek Vineyard added to the charm of the day. Janette Figueroa and her team ensured that every detail of the ceremony and reception was perfect, from the exchange of vows by the tranquil pond to the lively celebration that followed under the starlit sky.

Lexi and Jarett’s wedding was more than just a celebration—it was a summer symphony of love, beautifully orchestrated with personal touches and heartfelt moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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These incredible vendors made Lexi and Jarett’s Sleepy Creek Vineyard summer wedding possible!