From the moment Chelsea stepped into my studio, I could sense her anticipation and perhaps a hint of nervousness. As she entered, I greeted her with a warm smile, offering her a cozy robe, a refreshing drink, and a tasty muffin for breakfast. Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential to me, and I could tell Chelsea appreciated the thoughtful gestures.

During her hair and makeup session, I made sure to engage Chelsea in meaningful conversation, letting her lead the way while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. I believe that getting to know my clients on a personal level not only helps them relax but also allows me to tailor the session to their unique personalities and styles.

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When choosing outfits, I provided Chelsea with a selection based on her questionnaire responses. Chelsea had the privacy of the partitioned area to try on different outfits at her leisure. Throughout this process, I was readily available to offer guidance and support, ensuring she felt comfortable and confident in her choices.

As the session began, I could see Chelsea’s nerves start to melt away. With each pose, I offered guidance and support, demonstrating the movements before allowing her to try them herself. Seeing her light up as she nailed a pose was incredibly rewarding, and I made sure to cheer her on every step of the way.

During the image selection process, Chelsea was actively involved, watching a slideshow of the images accompanied by music before sorting through them in rounds. It was important to me that she felt empowered to choose the images that resonated most with her, ensuring that her final collection truly reflected her unique beauty and essence.

illinois boudoir photography studio lisa shreffler photography

Reflecting on Chelsea’s experience, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in my studio is something I strive for with every client, and to hear Chelsea describe it as a comforting space where she could indeed be herself was incredibly gratifying. Knowing that I played a part in her journey to feeling empowered and confident in her own skin is what makes my job so fulfilling.

In the end, Chelsea’s boudoir session wasn’t just about capturing beautiful images—it was about capturing a moment in her life where she felt truly empowered and confident. And as her photographer, I am grateful to have been a part of that journey.

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