Welcome to a world where fairy tales come to life and dreams are woven into reality. Join us as we dive into the enchanting wedding of Brooke and Ronnie, where the beloved story of Beauty and the Beast came alive in a remarkable celebration of love and magic. Held at the picturesque Hudson Farm in Urbana, Illinois, this whimsical affair left guests mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty and exquisite details.

Nestled amidst the rolling landscapes of Urbana, Hudson Farm provided the perfect canvas for Brooke and Ronnie’s love story to unfold. The modern white barn, adorned with twinkling garden lights and elegant chandeliers, emanated a romantic ambiance that set the stage for their unforgettable day. As guests entered the venue, they were greeted by a sense of wonder and anticipation, as if stepping into a world where magic was about to unfold.

Brooke and Ronnie’s shared love for the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast inspired their wedding theme. Every element of the celebration was thoughtfully curated to reflect the enchanting world of the story. The reception area was adorned with blue and gold plates, reminiscent of the royal colors from the fairy tale. Delicate red napkins were carefully folded into rose shapes, paying homage to the iconic symbol of love in the tale. The venue shimmered with gold accents, evoking a sense of regality and elegance.

Brooke and Ronnie stepped into their roles as the belle of the ball and her dashing prince, their attire flawlessly capturing the essence of the fairy tale. Ronnie exuded regality in a bespoke royal blue suit, artfully paired with a gold vest and tie adorned with an intricate pattern. Standing at the altar, waiting to embark on his lifelong journey with Brooke, he epitomized the embodiment of a prince ready to sweep his princess off her feet.

Brooke’s wedding dress was a vision of pure enchantment. The yellow gown, resplendent with layers of tulle, glitter, and delicate rhinestones, billowed gracefully as she walked down the aisle. Adorned with a sparkling tiara, she exuded a radiant elegance, perfectly embodying the spirit of a modern-day princess.

As the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows, love filled the air, and guests couldn’t help but be captivated by the magical ambiance surrounding them. The ceremony focused on the timeless promise of a lifetime together, with the officiant weaving elements of love, trust, and growth into their words. The couple’s heartfelt vows, spoken with unwavering emotion, left no dry eye in the room.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the reception came alive with touches of Beauty and the Beast. Brooke and Ronnie’s first dance transported everyone to a world of nostalgia and romance as the magical notes of “A Tale as Old as Time” filled the air. The couple’s dance floor was illuminated by the warm glow of twinkling lights, creating an ethereal ambiance that enveloped the guests in a sense of wonder and joy.

Brooke and Ronnie’s wedding was more than just a themed celebration; it was a testament to the power of love and the belief that true beauty lies within. Their carefully curated day showcased their unique love story, reminding everyone that happily ever afters exists. From the enchanting decor to the heartfelt moments shared, every aspect of the wedding was a testament to their unwavering commitment to each other.

Guests were not only swept away by the whimsical atmosphere but were also touched by the personalized touches scattered throughout the day. The heartfelt speeches, filled with laughter and tears, captured the essence of the couple’s journey and left everyone feeling a profound connection and joy.

Brooke and Ronnie’s Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding at Hudson Farm was a true fairy tale brought to life. From the twinkling lights and shimmering chandeliers to the golden accents and magical atmosphere, every element blended seamlessly to create a day of enchantment and love. It was a celebration that left a lasting impression on all who attended, reminding us that we can find our own happily ever after in love.

As the night drew to a close, guests departed with hearts full of joy and memories that would forever be etched in their minds. Brooke and Ronnie’s wedding was a testament to the enduring power of love and the enchantment that awaits those who believe in the magic of fairy tales.

Thank you for allowing me to document such a magical day.

All my love,



The dream team of vendors that made this gorgeous wedding possible:

Venue: Hudson Farm, Urbana, IL 

Florals: Abbotts Florist

DJ: DJ BJ Clark. Clark Entertainment

Cake: Good Morning Bakery

Catering: Pauly’s BBQ

Wedding Gown: Morilee 

Menswear: Men’s Warehouse

Photography: Lisa Shreffler Photography